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Key Laboratory Model Cooperation Enterprise Certification Management Measures of NQI Effectiveness Research



Chapter I General Provisions 

Amendment 1 The management measures are designed to regulate the management of certificating model cooperation enterprises in laboratory, to strengthen and improve the quality of infrastructure effectiveness research key laboratory (hereinafter called "laboratory"), according to the AQSIQ about the documentation requirements " recognition measures for the management of key laboratory of national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine " and the notice "identified management approaches of national engineering research center for quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (the quality inspection department [2014] no. 455).


Amendment 2 The laboratory model cooperation enterprises focus on encouraging and rewarding enterprises for their outstanding contributions in laboratory construction and academic research. They contribute mainly to the quality of infrastructure (including but not limited to standard of measurement, inspection and certification) performance, integration, construction, through innovative enterprise management mode, creating the unique quality management system, promoting the industry development, and making marvelous contributions to the regional, national and disciplinary development of the quality.


Amendment 3 The evaluation of the laboratory cooperation model enterprises insist on the systematical innovation and the enhancement of driving forces, based on the overall requirements of innovation, upgrading, optimization and expansion, adhering to the quality-dominated and efficiency-oriented principle of seeking truth, reflecting fairness, being openness.


Amendment 4 The declaration, identification and guidance of laboratory cooperative demonstration enterprises comply with the the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.




Chapter II Responsibilities and Duties

Amendment 5 The laboratory secretariat is responsible for proposing the opinions on the evaluation of the laboratory cooperation model enterprises, and formulating measures for the administration of certification, which the laboratory secretary should submit to the laboratory director for examination and verification, including following duties:

1. To put forward opinions and suggestions on the evaluation of laboratory cooperation model enterprises;

2. To formulate measures for the certification and management for laboratory model cooperative enterprises;

3. To organize the activities of declaration, selection and publicity of laboratory model cooperation enterprises;

4. To evaluate and guide the operation of the laboratory model cooperative enterprises.


Amendment 6 The director of the laboratory IS responsible for conducting evaluation and guidance on the identification and operation of laboratory model cooperative enterprises, and offering suggestions on examination and verification.




 Chapter III  Application and Identification

Amendment 7 The laboratory model cooperative enterprises shall be declared by the enterprises, with following specific conditions:

1. To cooperate with the laboratory, including but not limited to the subject research and co-construction;

2. To own a specialized quality management department with clear construction subjects, sound internal regulations, complete organizational management, quality management and social services, smooth operating conditions and a set of management modes;

3. To represent its own features in the management of quality infrastructure, and in the effective performance of quality infrastructure and system integration construction, with certain economical benefits.


Amendment 8 Application Procedure. The enterprise should submit a written application to the laboratory secretariat, and will be recommended to the laboratory director after the expert evaluation organized by the secretariat.


Amendment 9 the application materials mainly include:

1. Written application by the enterprise;

2. Written materials on the construction of enterprise quality infrastructure;

3. Documentary evidences of cooperation with laboratories.


Amendment 10 Identification procedures of laboratory model cooperation enterprises include:

1. The preliminary examination of the application materials of the enterprise by the laboratory secretariat;

2. The evaluation on the application materials by laboratory secretary with evaluating suggestions;

3. The presentation of a preliminary list to be examined and approved by the laboratory director and identification as the laboratory model cooperation enterprises after publicity without oppose.




Chapter IV Administration and Supervision

Amendment 11 The laboratory secretariat is responsible for the investigation, daily supervision and management of the operation of the laboratory model cooperation enterprises.


Amendment 12 The title of "quality infrastructure key laboratory cooperation model enterprise" is valid for three years, after which the enterprise should voluntarily apply again and will be regranted the title when meeting all the requirements.


Amendment 13 If the enterprise causes a quality accident within the validity period of the license, the title of "key laboratory model cooperation enterprise of quality infrastructure" will be cancelled, and open to be applied until 10 years later.



Chapter V Rights and Obligations 

Amendment 14 Rights enjoyed by model cooperative enterprises include:

1. The laboratory provides enterprises with the latest progress report of NQI annual for reference and learning;

2. The laboratory provides information on academic activities to enterprises every quarter of the year and invites them for participation;

3. The laboratory provides the enterprise with the work summary report every year for reference and study.


Amendment 15 The obligations of model cooperative enterprises include:

1. The enterprise shall keep confidential on the NQI research report, work summary report and other confidential information, following the requirements of relevant national regulations;

2. The enterprise shall accept the required annual inspection of the laboratory and report the operation situation of enterprise to the laboratory secretariat in the first quarter of each year, including the quality infrastructure construction, operation mode of quality management and brand construction.


Amendment 16 The relevant application materials for laboratory model cooperation enterprises must be objective and authentic. If there is fraud being verified, the identified model enterprise will be disqualified from its laboratory model cooperation enterprise qualification, and the unrecognized one will be disqualified, and the application will be reopened 10 years later.


Amendment 17 The person, who engage in malpractices for personal gain during the procedures of reporting, identification and guidance, will be investigated and punished seriously based on the administrative limits for authority leaders and the relevant provisions of regulation and laws from the Party and the government.


Amendment 18 the laboratory shall be responsible for the interpretation of this management system.


Amendment 19 these measures shall be implemented from the date of publication.

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