Focusing on the effectiveness of NQI and its core elements, carry out researches and applications to design NQI top-level framework and solve the fundamental scientific problems in commonly used technology, and provide decision support and solutions for the improvement of quality infrastructure at the national, regional, industrial and enterprise levels.

Research Areas

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NQI efficiency and market regulation research

NQI effectiveness evaluation model and simulation for market supervision; NQI governance system quantifies the impact of business environment; NQI system design and implementation efficiency optimization under the background of high quality development and market supervision reform.

Enterprise QI efficacy evaluation and application

The role of NQI in enterprise R&D, production and quality control; QI element integration for product design/manufacturing/service; enterprise QI effectiveness evaluation and demonstration; QI layout and optimization for product competition.

Industrial QI efficacy evaluation and application

NQI's influential mechanism for the development of industry; industry QI effectiveness evaluation model and general paradigm; typical industry QI effectiveness evaluation practice application; industry QI effectiveness evaluation and simulation system.

NQI efficacy evaluation and simulation

The mechanism of NQI promoting trade in countries/regions, guaranteeing safety, supporting development; NQI effectiveness quantitative evaluation; NQI input/output benefit quantification; NQI policy effectiveness simulation and e valuation.